The Campbells Come From Ireland

Edward George Campbell and Vera Hannah Campbell (nee McMurray)

Edward & Hannah Campbell

Edward was born in 1863 in Portadown, Armagh County, Northern Ireland.  He went by the nickname “Paddy”.  He died Sep 13, 1949.

Hannah was born Oct 10, 1884 in Lisdown, Parish of Eglish, Eglish, Northern Ireland.  She was christened Nov 23, 1884 at the Church of Eglish, Parish of Eglish, County Armagh, Northern Ireland.  Hannah died Oct 17, 1959.

Edward and Hannah died in New Liskeard and are buried in the Pioneer Cemetery in New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada.  The headstone reads “In Memory of Edward G. Campbell 1863 – 1949 Hannah Campbell 1884 – 1959 Asleep in Jesus” Continue reading “The Campbells Come From Ireland”

George and James Harman – British Home Children

George Frederick Harman (born July 6, 1883) and James (Jim) Walter Harman (born June 14, 1885) came to Canada from England in 1898 as British Home Children. They lived with Paddy Nolan at Brudenell, Ontario until 1902. That is where George (Pa Harman) learned to play the violin. In 1902 George came to Cobalt, Ontario and worked in the mines until he caught pnemonia. George and Jim bought farms at Heaslip, Ontario. Both brothers were married in Canada. They had a sister Rose that came to Canada later and an older brother Bill (born July 14, 1881) who also came to Canada but lived most of his life in USA.

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